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Hello All,

So, we find ourselves back in Rome, one last time before jumping the continent and heading east. We have a 5:45pm flight to Kuala Lumpur via Dubai and Dhaka (not sure where Dhaka is) arriving in KL tomorrow afternoon.

We had grand plans of an easy travel day yesterday, planning to arrive in Rome around 6pm, in time for a nice dinner at the wine bar around the corner from our hotel...but, alas, that was not to be. Here we were beginning to feel like pretty savvy travelers, having logged many miles at this point on trains, buses and boats. Nothing like a major screw up to humble you back to being a mere mortal.

We caught the 9:30am boat from Hvar, Croatia to Pescara, Italy, arriving just in time to catch the 2:10pm train to Rome. All that went so smoothly, we were feeling pretty good about ourselves. We arrived into a different Rome train station than our final destination of Roma Termini. The train station moniter informed us that there were about 3 trains to Roma Termini in the next 30 min leaving from track 12. When we arrived at track 12 we thought, "Wow, what luck, there's one now", and jumped aboard. After about 10 min of watching fields go by, instead of the more urban center of Rome, it occurred to us that perhaps we were on the wrong train. I just about fell over when we were informed we were on the express train to Milan!! Yes, that big Italian city in the very north part of the country--5 to 6 hours from Rome! I guess, if you're going to screw up it might as well a big one! Fortunately, there was a stop in Bologna, 2 1/2 hours into the trip. Instead of our nice, romantic dinner at a wine bar, we wolfed down burgers at McD's at the train station and jumped on an express back to Rome, arriving after midnight.

We decided, on the 5 hour bonus trip when we had lots of time to think, that it is really time for us to head to a new place. So, we're letting Shrek lead the way to Malaysia. We are optimistic that he'll be able to navigate the public transportation system better than we can...can't be much worse, can he?

Can't wait to see all those master piece jumping pictures everyone is busy taking! Blooper pictures are welcome as well, we have a fair share of our know the ones, they were taken too early and it looks like you're relieving yourself, or taken too late and you look like you are having some sort of a fit. Don't worry about perfection...humor gets you much further with us!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer.

Stay tuned!

Dana and Snowden

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