Rikke and Moch in Africa travel blog

Rikke is so excited about the safari that her eyes are poping...

They're on their way. I've been left alone.

Rikke wrote this headline. I have no idea what she ment. People here are super dupper honest.

By the way, on Zanzibar, the three of us to go this local eatery. Local eateries are holes in the wall. They have no walls really and there is sand on the ground. They cook everything with coal cookers and have very little in the way physical infrustructure. We wanted to try some local stuff and safe a bit of cash.

Usually when you go to a local place, they give you a shit load of rice and beans, which is what we expected. But you see, this was a local place in a touristy area. I ordered rice and beans, and when she brings it, I couldn't believe my eyes. They had shaped the rice in a little cup so that the rice would have a cymetrical form, something you would get at a 100 dollar per plate back home. Literally, the rice took about 10% of the plates space. But I am lucky to have soren here. He's eating like a bird so he gives me half his food. I called him the best girlfriend I never had and he took this information surprisingly well - the idea being that great girlfriends are those that eat very little and give you half their plate of food. I'm am tricky with my choice of words cause Rikke is my wife, so she can't be mad about the statement.

Bye bye.

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