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Savannah (by Diane)

Just the name implies stately mansion, large oak trees, and quaint parks. Well, Savannah lived up to its name. I can say that most of us enjoyed this stop with the exception of Dick and Gail. The poor Dolphin had another hick-up on the freeway just about 15 miles shy of the RV park. It was de jevu from Silver Springs all over again. I personally think it was just getting tired of all this driving. After several starts and stops and lots of good thoughts from the fellow trekies, the Dolphin finally limped into the park. Dick and Gail got up early the next morning and found a dealer who would look at it. Well, after two days of staying in a motel and several mis-diagnosis, they were able to finally pick it up the morning we left Savannah and caught up with us at Stone Mountain. The final verdict was a broken computer part and several burned out wires. You will be glad to know that Rocky was not traumatized by his ordeal at the hotels, it is nice to know that he can be flexible. He did miss the rest of us, I think.

We all decided to take another trolley tour of the city. We have found that it really is the best way to see a city if you don’t have much time and want to see the high lights. The problem with this trolley tour was that the streets were all narrow and the trolley didn’t have enough windows to be able to see anything but the street level buildings. Savannah had at one time about 34 squares throughout the original downtown area. They have preserved almost all of them. These squares are all trees, flowers, benches, statues, and memorials. They are full of very large live Oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. You would almost expect to see couples strolling along, ladies in their hoop skirts and parasols and gentlemen in their waistcoats. The city was very clean and neat and they are certainly set up for tourism. We did try to tour a great Catholic church there, but they were closed. We found out later that they were having some kind of a big deal for the priests of the state. Something about reaffirming their vows and we think it had something to do with holy oil. These are the times we really miss Tony and Juliann.

There is a nice river walk there full of quaint shops and restaurants. They seem to have a bustling port and we saw lots of ships on the river. We did walk down to Paula Deen’s restaurant and store and peeked in. It was really packed. We did see lots of her merchandise in all the stores we went in. We did not eat there, nor did we purchase anything from her or her family. I was tempted though.

Larry and I did make our way one day into South Carolina. Due to the high cost of diesel, we have had to cut out several states from our itinerary. Don and Bonnie also drove up to South Carolina, but they will have to post their own adventures.

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