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Heather, Helen and Chris at Waitomo Caves... Can't believe we keep seeing...

Ahhh. So fine.


Couldn't take any pics in the caves so you just get the...

Helen loved the glow worms!

Gareth - sharp as always...

Our first glipse of "thermal mud". Foul smelling disgusting stuff!

We arrived at the caves and bourght our tickets. They told us to wait until 5pm for the next tour. We went outside to take some photos and would you believe it? We bumped into Heather and Chris, who we'd also bumped into in Cook Islands and Auckland!

Auckland is over 150 km north!

Total coincidence - but we all planned to meet up in Taupo midweek!

The caves were fantastic! Very much like Wookie Hole! But Better! Lots of features, and the tour finished off by showing us a huge cave (which we had to get to by boat) full of glow worms on the ceiling. Great stuff! They were luminating green and it was so good it almost looked fake! Really glad we went though - worth the mileage.

After we dropped Heather and Chris off (leaving their camera in our bus!) we made a huge 130 km dash across the New Zealand moorland to Rotorua. It was an epic drive. All single carriageway, but most of it was dead straight cutting through either moorland or forest. Most New Zealand roads are either perfectly straight or unbelievably windy! Crazy stuff! The bus loved it though ;-)

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