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Stillwell RV Park near Big Bend NP

View from the front of my rig

Walmart in Del Rio was a fine place to park and spend the night. Free works for me. Not much noise, at least that I noticed, and I slept well. I got up around 7:00, had breakfast, messed around on the internet for a little while, and then left at about 9:30 after filling up with diesel at the Walmart. They had the best price that I've seen along the way so far at $3.47 per gallon, even better than Flying J. I'm going to have to start checking out Walmart as a place to fuel up in the future.

It's about 190 miles on Rt 90 from Del Rio to Marathon and then another 46 miles on Rt 385 and Rt 2627 to the Stillwell RV Park. Rt 90 is mostly two lane and runs thru some starkly beautiful desert country which is almost entirely uninhabited open land. I really enjoyed the drive and was in no rush at all. I drove mostly in the 58-62 mph range and had the road virtually to myself. There were occassional small towns along the way but they were few and far between. I'm still amazed at how much wide open uninhabited land there is all over the west, which is so very different from anywhere in the east that I've been. I was listening to music on my XM radio and just cruising along enjoying Texas scenery. What a huge state it is.

Stillwell RV Park is nothing special, but the view out of the front of my rig is nice. It has full hookups, a small store and is a whole lot closer to Big Bend NP than the campground in Marathon that I had originally planned to stay at. This campground wasn't listed in the Trailer Life Directory, but was in Woodall. I'm going to have to start using both as I may be missing some good campgrounds by only using Trailer Life.

When I unhooked the Ranger I found that the base plate was loose again. I took it up to the store and asked if anyone knew of someone that could fix it for me. One young guy who it turns out is a local rancher came right out, got under the truck, and pointed out to me that the frame was cracked where the base plate is attached, which will need some serious welding to repair. There's a local guy who works part time at the store who does a lot of welding and he'll be back tomorrow. The rancher says that he's honest and will tell me if he can't handle it, and then he gave me the name of a place in Marathon that should be able to handle it if he can't. This rancher guy was a very friendly open sort of a person and told me of places that he and his wife like to go in Big Bend that are real special. I'm going to go there tomorrow. He got a park map out and pointed out to me special places that I might want to tent camp as well as some of the good off road opportunities. Nice people are everywhere and this guy definitely is one of them.

It's 84 degrees with a nice breeze right now and with the windows all open is very comfortable in the rig. There is a big storm that is suppossed to pass thru here in the next day or so which will likely bring those temperatures down for a couple of days. I'm certainly going to stay here for a week and it's very possible that I'll stay for two weeks. Big Bend is huge and will take some time to explore especially if I take these off road trips that the rancher recommended to me.

No cell phone coverage at all here so I'm going to have to break out my Skype phone again which works thru the DataStorm. There is a 4 to 5 second delay which is hard to get used to, but once both parties get over that it works OK. Better than having no phone communications at all, and it only costs $.02 per minute.

Well it's 5:15 and time for a rum and coke to celebrate my trip and new adventure. Cheers!!

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