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Rented bicycles and too much wine...

Blenheim is a pretty much non-descript town, but the area around it is well known for it's wine production, especially it's sauvigion blanc. In the past 10 years, it has gone from 15 to over 80 wineries in the area. Michael and I decided to rent bikes for the afternoon and do the 25 km tour manually on two wheels. We stopped at about six wineries along the route and sampled from them all! We are both red wine drinkers and had some good pinot noirs at most of the places. I tried all the Gueverstraminers (sorry about the spelling) because that is the white I'm most familliar with thanks to my parents. We bought a nice pinot and some olive oil from a local producer called the Mud hut. We stumbled back to the bike shop just before closing then made our way back to our tent for another cool night listening to Harry Potter on our i-pod. After, I kicked Michael's butt at crib!

We are catching the ferry back to the North island on Sunday and decided to spend another night in Nelson before that. We enjoyed it so much on the way down, it seemed like a great place to stay before we leave the South.

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