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Now suck in the belly and I might fit

Is there an A-Z for this

Will leaves STA to become VC

Martin muscles his way in

I think my hair is growing back

What a rough bunch !

Remember I'm from Norn Iron

These would give you a little prick

Brian with his girly gun

What a lovely pair

Does my foot look big in this

In the tunnels

Andrea in the tunnel

A 3 bedroom apartment any offers?

You also get to live with these too!

Andrea considering to sign up

Snake wine a natural aphrodisiac

Natural rubber

Rubber plantation

For those of you unfamiliar with the Vietnam/American War's a brief outline of what we learned. During the war, the North Vietnamese built an elaborate and ingenious network of tunnels to hide from American and South Vietnamese attacks. You can see how the tunnels were small not to mention the rooms which entire families lived for days on end! Imagine the trouble Americans would have had just fitting into the entry holes (see Brian in photo #1, Will in #3, and muscleman Martin in #4!)

#6 - Here's a photo of the whole crew looking hot & sweaty...can you spot us? That's our tour guide Anna in the front...the redhead.

#8 - these sorts of traps were a good example of how simple weapons could take on modern technology and still win. Apparently, the ends of the spikes were poisoned to make injuries even more painful and costly.

#9 - At the museum, there was an opportunity for people to pay to shoot AK47's and other guns. It was very loud and the sights were well the guys shooting told us!

#10 - That's lovely Jill, and yes, if you look closely, you'll see the tiny baby shoes made from rubber tires she's holding. Sandle-like shoes were carved out of tires for the soldiers. Not very comfy but they lasted forever. #11 is big Mark - the rugby player - trying a pair on for size.

#12 - #15 What do you think of Brian's stash? He grew it for a while until he missed my kisses so much it came off! The tunnels were really small and hot. You had to sqwat and waddle like a duck through them - another difficult thing that Vietnamese could do better than the Americans. #15 was a rather mild creature...the guide and books we read on the area told of the many other animals/insects that were used to attack the other side. For instance, they trained bees/wasps/ants to attack the Americans but not Vietnamese based on body odour. Clever.

#17 - Prepare yourself...! If you are squeemish - look away now. Yes, that is a snake you see staring back at you. The wine is much like rocket fuel but it did warm you up inside...

#18 - 19 Nearby we stopped to see the rubber trees. There are many plantations in the Saigon/Ho Chi Minh region which were introduced by the French during their reign. It was strange to see how stretchy it actually was!

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