Ben and Kirsteen's World Trip 2005/6 travel blog

B in Arrowtown (if you couldn't guess)

Arrowtown's high street

K standing up straight

K big, B small

K small, B big

When I eats me spinach...

Is that a giant gorilla on the roof? Strangely, yes it is

B enjoying the film

Yes, that is a car in the audience

K: On the way to Wanaka we stopped at the historic Arrowtown, historic because its a mining town and the old wooden buildings have been restored to hold trendy cafes and touristy shops.

I wanted to go there to see the chinese settlement that has been conserved as a reminder of the chinese miners. I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for them leaving home while young men and then ending up alone and old and living in a wee hut - no thanks.

We stopped in Wanaka to break up the journey north to the glacier regions and plus it had a boutique cinema with couches that we wanted to try out. It was again a beautiful lake and you could do lots of water sports and hiking but we just chilled out and went to the movies, oh a went for a run as we haven't been actually that good in that department recently.

I now want my own boutique cinema, we saw Narnia which was all right but you could order food and drink wine in the cinema - plus they had freshly baked cookies!

B: I didn't think much of Arrowtown town centre - too touristy and arty for my liking.

Wanaka was a beautiful stop. Another town by a lake surrounded by mountains (our third in a row). Our first stop was the wonderfully understated Puzzling World. We had great fun in their various illusion rooms and mazes.

The cinema used to be the old town hall. It is run by an excentric man and when we saw it, he had added his own King Kong (see photo). Inside it was just as bizarre - you could sit in a car to watch the film.

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