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Kino Park

Getting ready for AAA Baseball

Out to left

We did some RV shopping and it was fun. Picked up a couple of small things we needed for very minor camper repair. We also got a new hose which was needed to connect to campground water. The two we have are leaking. We also stopped to look at the new Lance Truck campers for 2012 just for yucks. The 1181 which we have is still the top of the line for 2012. While there are some nice to have things they have taken away significant storage space to make room. For us as full timers the 2012 would not have worked nearly as well as ours and we do LOVE our camper. We both picked up some books (me) CD (Shirley) at a used bookstore, did some groceries and cashed in coins we've been saving for quarters. We have quite a few quarters squirreled away. Since we have had free washers and dryers here at TMM we have not needed the campground laundromats. It is a good thing to have mucho quarters as we will be on the road again soon. I am leaving shortly to get my prescription for lab tests to determine what is causing my K stones. Once I take care of those tests we will be off until coming back for my follow up with the doctor in early Feb. More chores today getting the camper ready for the road again. We have been in this parking lot for about 45 days. Still having fun but can't wait to get going again. We stopped by another Tucson ballpark yesterday. This is the home of the San Diego Padres AAA minor league team. It is also the second complete spring training complex in Tucson where there are no longer teams interested in training in this city. Enjoy the pics.

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