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Our boon docking spot at the Aero Space Museum

The weather has been very windy and cold with some rain

Found this Magpie youngster just out the museum door at the base...

Here is another in the bush

Here is mom, squawking like heck at us. The baby on the...

Great photo of another era

Beautifully resorted planes

Helicopters of all shape and sizes

Early passenger airliner

The train that gets you around the Heritage Museum Village or one...

Gasoline Alley has a treasure trove of antique cars. filling station signs,...

What a beauty

And, another

This museum has an amazing collection of all vehicles

Farming equipment spanning 100 years is on display

Ye olde dentist

Hotel sitting room

The bath in a more spacious homestead

Local sauna

This is one of many homestead structures moved to the current village...

Unique merry go round design and a popular ride

Snooker ball

Main Street

Delivery to the hotel

Most of the furnishings, tableware, window coverings, etc. were authentic of the...

A villager taking her lunch break. Notice the huge lazy susan.

Washing the dishes. No running water makes this a challenge.

Gorgeous horses

Earthen hut/cabin

Fabulous home of the 1920's

The village is a popular location for weddings

Caught this deer cruising the neighborhood

Windy, windy, windy, chilly drive today. Drove 188 miles to Calgary, Alberta. Our destination was another Moose Lodge. Well guess what, the building had been taken over by a church group and they don't allow RV parking. The hookups had been removed. Sheesh!

Our alternate choice is a Harvest Host participant. The Aero Space Museum of Calgary. It is dry camping, but free. It is on the Calgary International Airport property so it is a little noisy, but not too bad.

I know we just visited a similar Air & Space museum in Minot, ND, but this had several very cool planes. We really are not airplane fanatic 's, we just enjoy all kinds of museums. The charge was C$7.00 per person for Seniors.

We used Calgary to run errands. Costco to have JC hearing aids repaired. Walmart for various shopping needs. A parts stores to replace our radiator cap for the coach.

We decided to check out the Heritage Museum Village. A little pricey at C$25 per person + Tax, but glad we did. All the staff were in costume and did a great job 'living the life' of the village as it was in the late 1800's. The homestead kitchen's were active with cooking and baking. Health laws prevented the goods being offered to visitors. So the yummy looking breads and cakes could only be consumed by the staff. It was a very chilly day, so all the homes had the cooking stove, fireplaces and heating stoves lit. Very welcome as we toured from place to place.

In a few years we will visit Calgary to visit what we missed, the stampede and visit Jasper.

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