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Shirley and sister Dianna

Dianna and husdand Jack

The healthy happy couple

Hard to believe but it has been 10 months on the road for us NOMADS. Before I give you the statistics of our trip I would like to take a moment to mention another anniversary. This not so good. Today marks the one year anniversary of the shooting in Tucson that left Rep.Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition. Six were killed and 12 others wounded at the supermarket where she was addressing a town hall type of outdoor meeting. This was a great national tragedy and Tucson mourns today. Now onto our 10 month stats. We have driven 25,586 miles, Lodging costs $4852.05, Ave cost per night $15.60 (add 8% tax) $16.85. We have had 96 free nights thanks to family and friends, TMM (Tucson), Walmart and a couple of free campgrounds. Our lodging savings are $1215.63 using Passport America, Good Sam, and Golden Age (cost of these programs $60) net savings $1191.63. We have spent $3060.45 on FUN stuff and have saved $539.90 using coupons etc.. We have spent $8610.60 on diesel fuel, the average price per gallon is $3.95 and our miles per gallon is 11.734. We owe a great thanks to Tucson Metropolitan Ministries for putting us up even after our NOMADS work was completed. They asked us to stay as long as needed to get my medical condition taken care of. We look to be leaving and resuming our trip mid week. We need to stay in the general area for follow up and hopefully learn (after testing) what is causing my kidney stones so I can avoid these items. We both thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I am back to full speed again and it feels great! We are looking forward to getting back to the woods (or desert)for real camping again. You know we wondered where we would spend the winter. I am thinking God knew all along. We have been in some desolate places on this trip and I needed to be where excellent medical care was available. And look what happened. In addition, Shirley's sister and brother in law Dianna and Jack stopped by on their way back east. We had a very nice lunch together which included beer for Jack and me. The first beer in 3 weeks for moi. Enjoy the pics.

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