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Chaplin Lake and the salt deposit

From a distance it looked like snow


Wheat fields forever

Typical farm along the way

Some ugly clouds up ahead!

Th Worlds Largest Tepe

The kilns at the pottery factory



Display of the different sizes of crock pot made here


Raw, unprocessed clay

Old processing equipment

Stored round slabs of clay that has gone from slip to moulding...


Hop Along Cassidy hats were a popular tourist seller


Molds for pottery pieces

A group of eager schools waiting their turn to be part of...

Current excavating to bring back the history

Cool diagram of how very large pots were made

Lunch in old downtown Medicine Hat


Cottonwood Coulee Golf & RV


The golf course from the top of the road



The tallest Teepee in the World

Our route. Portal ND, Moose Jaw SK, Medicine Hat AB, Calgary AB

Our drive from Moose Jaw to Medicine Hat was mostly sunny until about an hour from Medicine Hat. It started to rain and it rained and rained. Drove 250 miles today.

Along the way, we encountered Chaplin Lake. The lake is the second largest body of saline water in Canada. The lake and it's surrounding area has been designated as part of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network. There are 35 Preserve sites in the Western Hemisphere, 5 of them in Canada. Over 30 species have been identified with a daily bird count of 67,000 at Chaplin Lake Preserve. The lake provides briny shrimp, etc. a dietary delight for birds.

Our destination was a Moose Lodge. When we got to the lodge, what was supposed to be RV Facilities was a big lot poised to be dug up for a large building project. The ladies of the Moose were having a get together and helped confirm our 2nd choice of Cottonwood Coulee Golf & RV. Good choice (except no Wifi). The golf course & RV park are in a deep valley. It was very pretty & quiet. The sites were cozy (close together). I think the RV Park was an afterthought. There was 30 amp with a few low voltage issues, but not too bad. Water, but no dump. C$30 per night. In between rain showers, JC squeaked in 9 holes of golf.

Woke up to sunshine! A little cool, but it will warm to 70 degrees. Today's adventure is to see the Medalta Clay Industries Museum in the Historic Clay District. The district is 150-acre site with the 100 year old Medalta Potteries facility the highlight. One of Medicine Hats claim to fame is their pottery. Do you remember all those really heavy wonderful clay bowls for rising bread? Or the heavy crocks for storing butter, proofing yeast breads, etc. Well, it is Medalta pottery. Not a practical kitchen item for RVers because they are so heavy. Back in the day, everything from china to large heavy crocks (200 gals+) was manufactured here.

Today, the factory is in operation. A small staff makes pottery to sell in the museum store. The molds have been reproduced in the factory. Part of the tour is to witness the process. Very cool.

Another tourist sight is the Tallest Teepee in the World known at the Saamis Teepee. It was originally build for the Calgary 1988 Olympics. The name "Medicine Hat" is the English translation of 'Saamis' (SA-MUS) – the Blackfoot word for the eagle tail feather headdress worn by medicine men – or 'Medicine Hat'. The teepee is Just one of those things that needs photographing.

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