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Mom's crazy cat Mandy, she loves to get into anything!

Can you believe she is dead asleep?

Dad & Larry just hanging out (with Dad's new kitty Callie)...

Time for dinner...

Dad modeling his new hat...

Looks like he had a nice time!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Dad celebrated his 80th birthday on May 15th. Joyce arrived from Arizona on the 14th and it was good to catch up with her a bit. We roasted 2 chickens with all of the trimmings for dinner. Afterward everyone gathered around the TV to watch the movie 'Blind Side' with Sandra Bullock. Larry & I had actually seen it before at the theater but we both enjoyed it the second time around as well.

Finally, Dad opened his gifts and we served cake and ice cream. We all had a very nice day. I think Dad was a bit worn out by day's end but it please him when 'his girls' are here. With his health issues he really did quite well. We seem to keep quite busy but most of it would be boring to you, so when we do something 'fun' I'll be sure to share! Thanks for stopping by...

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