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Spent the day at the park.

Going up.

From here on out, scenery.

Still going up.

Each rock formation has a name, I don't remember.


Gandma and the kids. we were there.

This one I remember, Wall Street, looks like buildings.

Three shot panoramic, South.



The courthouse.


Our first arch.

Balancing Rock.


Ava made the climb.

Jay did to, you can barely see him.

Another arch.

The arch you see in all the ad's. We do not know...

Scenery #1

Scenery #2

Scenery #3

Another arch.

If we did this for every one, that would be a lot...

Devils Garden. Notice all the vehicles. It is that way all over...

Today we ventured out to visit Arches National Park. It is a little overcast so at least the sun wasn't beating down on us.

Even in the hot weather the park was crowded. It is a great family park where you can walk to many features. There is much you can see from the car. The park lies atop an underground salt bed that is responsible for the arches, spires, balanced rocks, sandstone fins formed over 300 million years ago. We did the complete tour of the park and headed back to camp.

We were deciding on stopping for a late lunch or going to camp and cooling down. We decided we would eat a lite lunch at camp and go out to eat downtown this evening.

We went to McStiffs for dinner. Kids had their usual...wings. The food was good and we had a fun evening walking around town like the rest of the tourist.

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