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This is powered my the feet of the little ones..too cute!


Beautiful church

The horse is a symbol to the Scandinavian pioneering farmers

Very nice memorial to those that have served at the entrance to...










Lovely time with Betty and Duane

We spend the last month in Rapid City seeing doctors and all those annual necessities. I have finally got some resolution on my TMJ that has been plaguing me since January. It is on the mend. Thank you Dr. Jeri! JC has a clean bill of health for his cancer. This means the start of a 3rd year clean.

In preparation for Alaska, we had the car & rig washed and washed. The extra wax job is what we wanted. We had new shocks installed on the motorhome. A well spent $900. We did not realize how bad they were until we took a test drive. Lubed all the doors, locks and anything that moved.

Finally, with a tear in eye, JC sold the Goldwing Motorcycle back to Rice Honda. We donated the lift to the truck shop where we had the shocks installed. We had decided some time ago not to carry the extra weight all the way through Canada & Alaska

Play time was some golf with friends Betty & Duane. We also joined them for date night to go to dinner and a movie.

Minot is our last stop before crossing into Canada for our summer Alaskan Adventure. Minot is bigger than we expected. It is funny how we develop some preconceived ideas about a place we have never been.

We visited the Air Force Base. There were no tours available. When JC was in the Air Force, this is the place he was threatened to be sent to if he did not shape up. LOL The winter would be ruff, but I don't think it would be so bad. LOL

Near the local airport is the Dakota Territory Air Museum. Many really nice restored planes.

Visited the Scandinavian Heritage Park & museum. This is where Norsk Hostfest is held. It is a tribute the Scandindavian heritage.

And, finally, the Roosevelt Park Zoo. In June of 2011, a hundred year flood hit Minot. They are still recovering! The zoo only has about half of facility restored. Luckily, no animals perished in the flood. There was sufficient warning to evacuate them all. This was a really nice visit.

This marks our last few days in the lover 48 until next October. We will be spending tonight, June 1, at Moose Jaw, SK in Canada. Our phones will be turned off for the next 3 weeks or so. We will have spotty internet access. We will be relying on the Wifi we encounter at a few of the RV parks we will find along the way.

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