Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

In the Lance hospital bed

Writing the blog in the Lance hospital room

Well kinda like a small olive is how the doctor described my kidney stone. They said it was all routine but I guess their definition of the word is different than mine. My night in the hospital was OK. No sleeping of course. I had a roomie and both of us had midnight (and hourly) visitors to poke us. I will try and edit my comments and not provide you with too much information. It suffices to say there is no modesty in the hospital. I didn't know tubes could go in some of those places. The pain medication provided was suitable. They did a one inch incision in my back, poked into my pre-dilated kidney and blasted the stone into smaller pieces to extract through the tube. It took about 1hr 45 min. I was not prepared for the amount of pain from this operation. I was discharged at 3:30 PM yesterday. 10 minutes after arriving home I was begging Shirley to shoot me. For some reason the pain I was in was even greater than the kidney stone pain. We did get it under control with pain medication after calling the hospital. Nurse Shirley is regularly changing my dressing and taking excellent care of me. She did sleep through the 12:15 AM alarm for my meds etc. but I slept through the 4:15 alarm so we actually covered for one another. I am MUCH better as I write but not sure how many days it will take to feel normal again. I expect about a week. You all know how much we love our camper, its versatility always amazes us. Well Shirley has turned the dinette bunk into an excellent hospital bed. And the surrounding area has turned into a nurses station. We STILL have room to cook and eat. Just super. We thank you for all your prayers and thoughts they have been most appreciated. Please continue just a bit more for my recovery. We have now been in the TMM parking lot since the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We have seen a great deal of this beautiful state of Arizona and can understand why people get caught up here and stay. We are not one of those couples. The water has our name on it and we will eventually be heading to live at Neptune Beach Fl (Jacksonville area). Still not sure when this trip will be over. My follow up care which includes a study of my stone and hopefully knowledge of how to avoid more will take up to 6 weeks. We can however continue our travels in this area of the country once I am ready to roll again. Enough of my ramblings......enjoy the pics.

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