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Bodegas on the outskirts of Leon

Beautiful trees in an industrial area outside León

Entering Hospital de Orbigo - Gorgeous!

Hospital de Orbigo - church with requisite stork nests

The garden in our beautiful Albergue (Albergue Parroquial)

Day 19 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 920 m, minimum & finishing elevation = 818 m. 10 - 22 degrees. Mostly sunny.

We walked out of a big city today and that's exactly what the walk was like. Only occasionally broken up by something like the Bodegas in the hills on the outskirts of León or some pretty trees, it was a very urban walk on a path beside the N-120 - a very busy road.

We lunched in San Martin del Camino. The usual fatal mistake, didn't stop at the first bar. It was 2pm and we'd walked 25km. The only other bar at the other end of town didn't serve food. So we bought a long roll, Jamón and queso at a small shop and sat by the busy road and enjoyed a ham and cheese roll.

The last 7km continued along a path to the side of the N-120. The path narrowed so we walked single file and in silence. M broke up the silence by suggesting we could put out our thumbs and catch a lift. We discovered that we were all having very different experiences in our silent and solitary walk. M - thinking about getting a lift. T - yellow VW on the tip of his tongue was scanning the highway. S2 thought he was caught in a diesel engine and said this was by far the worst day. Me - well, I was the only one concentrating on the other side. The highway was on our left but on the right was a waterway and 5-10 metre deep of forest. I was listening to the birds singing and frogs croaking. Watching the small lizards dart across the path (helped that I was at the front) and I was so excited to see green buds and leaf shoots on the deciduous trees. Totally lost in the forest, I got quite a shock when M's comment reminded me of the road and traffic.

Then, we turned away from the road and within a few hundred metres were in the most stunning village we'd seen for days. And, a really lovely Albergue to stay in also. What a wonderful reward for an otherwise ordinary days walking.

Today's distance = 32km

Total distance = 511km

Yellow VW count Troy - 1, Sue - 2

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