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Ruby Beach

Seastacks on Ruby Beach

Moon Jelly Jellyfish - 4"

Kathleen's toes in cold Pacific Ocean water

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Ruby Beach

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Ruby Beach at Beach Level

September 2 – Travel to Kalaloch Campground on Pacific Ocean Beach

We left behind quickly the one-star rating, Hard Rain Café + campground to head for the Pacific Coast via Forks, Washington.

Olympic NP includes 60 miles of ocean front property from the Neah Bay to the north to south of Kalahoch Campground.

The beach is strewn with huge logs that have floated down a river and been tossed on the beach by winter storms.

We missed the low tide part of the month so were not able to see the tide pool’s animals which are in pools 1/4-mile out from the beach edge.

There was a very detailed ranger presentation on octopus at the campground amphitheater in the evening. Octopus are amazing animals with color adaptation to their surroundings, water jet propulsion and ink ejection for escape, able to squeeze though holes that are just a bit larger than their beaks (the only hard part on their body) and size variations as adults from the size of a human fingernail to 30’ from tentacle tip to the end of the bulbous body.

The campground is very cool in temperature with a constant strong wind off of the ocean. We bundle up before we walk on the beach. We will have temperature shock when the temperature gets to the mid-90’s next week while we are at Mt. Rainier NP.

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