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Superior Dome at NMU

Castle Rock

An Arch in the wall

Indian Head Bluff

A Cave in the Wall

The Flower Vase

Isolated Pine (note roots at the left)

Spray Falls

Painted Wall

Painted Wall

Grand Island Lighthouse

Today we drove to Marquette, Michigan, home to Northern Michigan University. This university has a completely enclosed football stadium, called Superior Dome. This is also the training facility for the U. S. Olympic Weight-lifting team. This facility does not have the seating capacity of the Super Dome, but it is very impressive for a small university.

Marquette is a very attractive and people friendly place with lots of walking/biking trails that go beside Lake Superior and go for miles and miles with shaded rest areas and picnic facilities interspersed all along the trails.

After Marquette, we drove to Munising, MI. and took a 3-hour boat cruise to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. This can only seen from the water. The sheer cliff walls reach to over 200 ft. in height with many caves and different rock formations. Colors in the rocks are created by seeping ground water which is laced with iron, copper, calcium and manganese. The colors they create are rusty red from the iron, green and blue from the copper, white from the calcium and black from the manganese. The result is a beautiful display of color and rock formations. These formations cover an area of 13 miles on the South shore of Lake Superior.

Grand Island is located in Munising Bay and is the size of Manhattan Island in NY. It is a tree-covered island owned by the National Park Service and is sparsely populated with only summer residents living on the island. It creates a buffer for the bay and protects it.

More Lake Superior information:

Lake Superior, is the size of the state South Carolina. Our tour guide said that if you travel the shore line of this lake it would be the same distance if you sail from Liverpool, England to New York Harbor. To compare the size in another way, he said if you filled a swimming pool with 5 feet of water, in order to hold all the water from Lake Superior, the swimming pool would be as large as the entire continental United States.

This is a BIG lake. It averages 38-42 degrees at the bottom of the lake year round. Most of the surface of the Bay however freeze over completely during the winter, which is very cold and severe. The ice layer on Munising Bay is over 3 feet thick and is covered with ice-fishing buildings during the winter. They average 130+ inches of snow most winters. If you like snow, ice-fishing, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, this is a place for you. Lynd is ready to move here and buy a snowmobile. I am not too sure about that.

Well, that is a discussion for another day. I definitely will not lose any sleep over this. Had a great day. This is a beautiful part of our great country. So much to offer the person who likes the outdoors.

Tomorrow we head to Mackinac and cross the Mackinac Bridge which splits Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Talk with you again soon. Not sure if I will blog again tomorrow because it is a travel day, all be it a short one.

Take care and stay safe.


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