Almost the Whole Pacific Coast - Winter/Spring 2016 travel blog

When we went to Australia in 2007, we were astonished when two separate couples who were regular listeners to our RV Navigator podcast, travelled to Sydney to meet us. We hit it off with Al and Sue and have been in as much contact as you could have with someone you barely know and have to make special arrangements to FaceTime with, since the time zones are so totally opposite. We were touched when Sue sent us a quilt made of fabrics with Australian symbols for Christmas one year.

Since Australia is so far from anywhere else in the world and its residents used to take long ocean voyages to visit their kinfolk back in Europe, they have a tradition of banking vacation time and taking large chunks of it all at once. Al planned a special trip to the US for Sue’s 50th birthday and hoped to visit us in Chicago. Of course, we would not be at home during their planned visit, because we rarely are at home these days. Since the focus of their trip was to visit the East Coast, beginning with a Caribbean cruise and working their way north to New York City, they planned to stop in San Francisco on the way home to break up the long flight and begin adjusting to the time zones. While we had not planned to visit San Francisco, we would be close enough to make a rendezvous. They are regular Facebook posters, but we did not follow them while we were n Patagonia, but from what we have seen lately, they have done a wonderful job of seeing and doing it all.

It was challenging to find a campground with a hotel on the grounds so we could stay together. Al and Sue are Rv’ers at home and we thought it might be fun to them to see us “in action.” So we have travelled to the end of Rt. !, just south of San Francisco and are camped at a very pricey KOA overlooking the surf, surrounded by opportunities to go horseback riding, mountain bike, get a massage, etc. It feels more like a resort than a campground. Al and Sue have been touring energetically just as we would, trying to see as much as possible during their precious time in the US. We will pick them up at the airport and do as much or as little as they feel like doing on the last few days of their adventure.

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