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View south from Sargent Mtn. Trail


Rock strewn trail

Lone mushroom along trail

Pie Lady's special blueberry pie

Another current quilt project view

Bailey helping prepare the July 4 cupcakes

July 4 cupcakes for Friends cookout after parade

One of three wheelbarrows that led us in the 2-mile parade

Parader with silly FOA 25th Year hat

Kathleen in parade formation

View of Friends ahead of our row

New Friends friend, Heather who I encouraged to join the parade not...

My favorite parader after parading.

First 6 cubic yards of gravel

Graveled trail in progress

My favorite graveler

The Gravel Girls

The end of the last 6 cubic yards of gravel

July 2 through 5 - Brushing Trails, Quilt Making, Parade Marching and Trail Graveling

July 2 – Brushing with Friends

It was a beautiful day to brush hiking trails – blue sky, nice breeze and 70F.

A small group of us hiked up the steep, boulder strewn Amphitheater Trail to Sargent South Ridge Mountain Trail while removing any foliage overlapping the 3’ wide theoretical trail. We also cut limbs that could hit a child on a father’s shoulders. Cut material was moved off of the trail about 6’.

Where we were to make a hard right turn, our leader (no, not me this time) led us on the soft right trail which we cleaned until he realized that our trail should not be going downhill. : ) We backtracked and cleared the correct trail halfway to the top of the mountain.

The views from where we stopped were very nice. See the photos.

July 4 – Parading with Friends

The morning of the 4th of July was started by hopping on the 7 AM bus to Bar Harbor with 2 dozen red velvet cupcakes with white icing and a blueberry on top. We walked to our host house and dropped off the after-parade cookout cupcakes and waited with other Friends before walking to the staging area for the 9:15 drill practice.

At the staging area, we picked up our Friends’ parade tee shirts and chose our tool to carry. Then the Friends 25th anniversary plastic hats were issued. These silver colored hats were covered with glitter and two 25th Year stickers. They were silly and too small but I cringed and put it on.

The parade started at 10:30, was 2 miles long and lasted 1 hour.

The crowds were amazingly huge and cheered and clapped as 30 of us walked by in three columns and about 10 rows, each of us carrying a rake, or hoe or shovel.

Our ‘Imprecision Drill Team’ lived up to its name as we moved through our various maneuvers with names of The Figure 8 where the members in each row wove around each other while not poking eyes out with our rake tines. There were about 6 other maneuvers and after each we shouted Hey, Hey, Hey, FOA (Friends of Acadia), Happy 25th Birthday.

Only one of our group fell on her face but we helped her up after a brief rest, gave her back her tool and we marched on. The members of our group that were ahead of the fallen member had kept on marching so there was a big, half block gap to make up. Eventually our leader realized that we were not all together and stopped to let us catch up. : )

We were warm by the time we arrived at the starting/ending point next to the city park. After we turned in our hats and tools, Kathleen and I with a new Friend, visiting from New Jersey for two weeks, walked to view the park festivities.

The one that drew the largest crowd was the lobster races where 4 medium-sized lobsters were put in individual, 8’-long, water troughs and cheered on by the betting crowd. The race that we viewed did not take long as the #1 lobster literally raced down the course leaving its competitors lost in the wet dust.

Fortunately, there was a charity benefit tent offering pie slices with Bar Harbor ice cream. I chose a delicious slice of pecan pie with ice cream to cool me down.

July 5 – Graveling with Friends

Another great day to spend with Friends – cool, breezy and blue skies.

The Acadia NP is creating a new trail to enable Bar Harbor residents to have an easier access to the park trails and we Friends were chosen to help with the trail building by spreading gravel on top of the prepared surface.

Before noon, about 15 of us moved about 15 cubic yards of small, grey, crushed gravel with 6 wheelbarrows. There were 4 shovelers, 6 wheelbarrowers and two set of 3 spreaders. We were ready to quit when the last of the gravel had been moved.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will take a cruise with a ranger to Baker Island in a 4.5 hour tour. Our new friend, Heather, will travel with us.

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