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Carpe returns to Amana Colonies RV Park
Our third visit to this wonderfully...

Approaching the Mississippi River at Davenport, IA

Crossing the "Big Muddy"
It feels so good to be west of the...

The Mississippi is also the Illinois/Iowa border

Diesel is some 15¢/gallon less than Illinois

Carpe takes on her first fill since Ohio

Mon, 04 Jul: Happy Independence Day!

Today was a travel day, but not a very aggressive or long one. Our goal was to vacate the Chicago area as early as possible and be off the road by mid-day. Toward that end we rolled wheels out of the Joliet, IL Sam's Club at 0730 and headed west on I 80. For once the sun was behind us, the weather beautifully sunny and calm winds. In other words, a very nice travel day.

Traffic started out light, but continued to build as we headed west (and the day wore on). There were numerous construction zones ("Shovel ready projects" in Obama's Illinois???) to contend with, but none of them caused any traffic slowdowns. We deviated from I 80 in Moline/Rockport when we took I 280 to avoid some serious construction we'd previously encountered on I 80. Well guess what??? I 280 has plenty of orange also...

We crossed the Mississippi river from Rockport to Davenport, Iowa and stopped at a Pilot in nearby Walcott. Our "Gas Buddy" app told us diesel was 15¢/gallon less in Iowa than Illinois, and it was right on. We took on 75 gallons of that liquid gold, our first fill since Findlay, Ohio. Average this tank worked out to 9.5 miles per gallon. Not bad for 17+ tons of "box".

We exited I 80 to US 6 and arrived at the Amana Colonies RV Park in Amana, Iowa a few minutes after noon. We topped off our propane tanks at a very nice price, and then settled into our site. Our day's journey was a respectible and tolerable 217 miles. We are fewer than 100 miles from Des Moines, our next destination.

We had a relaxing afternoon and a lovely "happy hour". After dusk the local community put on a most respectable fireworks display that lasted for almost forty-five minutes. Sandi sat outside watching the show (and swatting bugs).

Our plans are to remain here for a few days and head to Des Moines Wednesday. We'll visit with Bob's family there as both of his nieces will be in town for visits.

Tue, 05 Jul: One of our very favorite occupations is to sit in or near our coach and watch folks leave the park. We always like to think they're heading off to some form of gainful employment that requires they contribute to our future Social Security payments. This morning was such a day as roughly 70% of the remaining coaches departed before 0900. There are only a handful of us left, and it is delightfully quiet.

After breakfast we did laundry in their wonderful laundry room. We've been in this park before and recall how well we liked their laundry. It has not changed, at $1/load for wash and 50¢/load dry (45 minute cycle) it can't be beat. So now we're nice and clean and looking forward to lunch.

After lunch we may drive into Amana to visit some of the local shops. The Amana Meat Market is one of our favorites as their home-made bratwursts are really remarkable.

More anon...

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