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Possible new use for the Aratere

Beach at Ihla do Mel 1

Beach at Ihla do Mel 2

Fortelza 1

Fortelza 2

Fortelza 3

Showing off my "Brazilian tan" next to the Portugese coat of arms

As the train arrived 1.5 hours late (to be expected in South America I guess!) by the time I got out to the Island it was getting towards 4pm - which left only 1.5-2 hours until darkness. The island was very pretty, and reminded me a lot of some of the resorts in Fiji - except that rather than 1 resort on the island there were a lot of little budget type hotels.

As I didn't have much light left I immediately left and walked out to one of the Island's main attractions (other than the immensely beautiful beaches), which was an old Portugese fort named Fortaleza Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres. The fort was very pirate-esqe and was in the process of being restored. About this stage my camera crapped out, so couldn't take too many pictures.

Behind the fort I discovered a track leading up a hill to a hidden gun emplacement cuilt in 1910. Can't quite figure out why the Brazilians would have built a massive set of guns at this time, but was an interesting surprise.

The evening was spent drinking beer with the Colorado-ians who were conincidentially staying at the same place as me.

The plan for the following morning was to get up and explore the rest of the island, and perhaps go for a swim or a surf. However, this pretty much all fell to pieces when I woke up to the sound of thunder, and yet more rainstorms. When it rains here, it really pours - so much that you can't really see and sightseeing becomes a waste of time. So I bailed early from the Island and headed back to Curitiba and then on to Rio. Unfortunately there was no bus when the boat from the Island came in, meaning I had to wait around at the bus stop for 3 hours - now back in Curitiba, have another 3 hours to kill before my 13 hour overnight bus journey to Rio. I guess the good news is that this is the last one!

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