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View of Yaquina Head Lighthouse from Moolack Bay

Anna at the base of the embankment - Moolack Bay

the Bay Bridge at Newport from Yaquina Bay Lighthouse parking lot

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse - only operated for 3 years!

Historical sign at Yaquina Bay Lighthouse parking lot -the live seagull took...

We finally started seeing moisture from the sky two or three days ago. We experience dense fog almost every single day, which feels like someone has sprayed a mister a few inches from your skin. Then it actually rained...well we say "rain". When we checked the internet weather it said ..." 52 degrees / drizzle". So I guess it wasn't technically "rain" that day. - for this desert was raining.

We have done more exploring, which actually turned out to be our friday work assignment.

Tuesday was our first day of "work" then we had two days off, so on Wednesday we went a little north (maybe four miles) to Moolack Beach. It doesn't have easy access and there were only three other people there. Yes, another clear and sunny day!

Thursday we visited the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (even though it was one of our assignment destinations for friday). The State Parks volunteer was very helpful, filling us in on a plethera of information. When I checked out the gift shop I met the wife of the Yaquina Head volunteers scheduled to move in and start working with us on March one. We are quickly learning that this is indeed a "small town". Many of the volunteers we meet have grown up here, lived other places and then returned. Volunteering seems to work the best for them.

On Friday we tried to get to the Hatfield Marine Science Center, Log Cabin Museum and Burrow's House museum, but got a late start because the Dish Network service repair man conveniently called shortly after we left to complete our work assignment. He ended up needing two and a half hours to get our satellite service going but he did it! Yeah!!! Now we can watch more than just Portland local channels. We were able to go through all but the Burrow's House.

Yesterday we shadowed two BLM employees conducting "self-guided" lighthouse tours. After the first hour the employees allowed us to speak to the tourists. After spending two hours with them we went back to the Interpretive Center (visitors center) to get some training on information tables that we will be manning when the visitor numbers pick up. We were also suppose to learn how to use the spotting scope, but the fog was so thick that there was NOTHING to see.

Today our "work" consisted of official orientation, getting decked out in our 1885 costumes and learning the spotting scope.

The moisture we are experiencing today is what this desert rat considers a "drizzle". So far neither of us have been emotionally affected by the weather but Rick insists that he's depressed... all because of the rain....!!! 'doesn't appear to be depressed to me...but what do I know?!

Tomorrow we are suppose to go to work in our "authentic period attire". 'Guess we'll see how that goes!~ (Yes, Laura and Lisa...there WILL be pictures...maybe tomorrow..

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