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Where we saw the Pilot Whales. New York couple own the blue...

Joe's scare crows, he had more than 100 scarecrows (seen along Cabot...

More scarecrows (couldn't get all in one oicture)

Church along the Cabot Trail

Coastline of gulf along portion of Cabot Trail

First cow moose we saw along Cabot Trail

Picture of the gulf coastal Cabot Trail

Mrs. Bullwinkle...we think!!

Views from Cabot Trail

View above Pleasant Bay on Cabot Trail

View of McIntosh Brook Falls

View of Chutes BeaLach Ban waterfalls

Bay of St Lawrence Harbour and village with entrance to the Atlantic...

A church at St Lawrence Bay

Lighthouse at Neil's Harbour

Rocky coast on Atlantic side of Cabot Trail

Church at Ingonish on Cabot Trail

Today we took the Cabot Trail, described as one of the most scenic drives in the world. The drive is 185 miles long and drives through numerous fishing villages along the Gulf of St Lawrence before entering Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada. It goes completely through the park and then meanders through more fishing villages on the Atlantic Ocean side as it completes the loop back to the Baddeck area. We left the campground in a misty rain and heavy fog around 8:00am, hoping that the day would clear off. The rain left us about 40 miles into the loop, and the fog got better, then worse, so our early morning views were good sometimes and then bad sometimes. We stopped at our first pull out to take some pictures of the rugged shoreline and then watched a pod of Pilot Whales feeding and cruising a short ways out in the Gulf. We thought they were dolphins at first, but they seemed much larger. A New York couple who had purchased an ocean view house across the road from where we were, told us that they were Pilot Whales and that they had witnessed several hundred feeding there the previous night. An awesome sight, but we could not get a picture as they would only surface for a brief moment and then dive again. From there we drove on into Cape Breton Highlands Park and the fog got much worse, making it almost non drivable. We didn’t stop at the overlooks as we were unable to see, so we drove on to Pleasant Bay in the park and had lunch. As we had lunch, we watched the fog lift and a beautiful, sunny day develop. We backtracked about 15 miles to see what we had missed and got some fantastic pictures of the spectacular Cabot Trail as it curves along the coast of the gulf. We hiked a couple trails to waterfalls and one through a bog. We saw several cow moose and got excellent pictures of a couple of them. We did not see Bullwinkle as he never showed his snout. We left the trail at Cape North and drove up to the top of the Cape Breton Island, to the Atlantic Ocean, there we found a neat little fishing village called Bay of St Lawrence. From here we drove back onto the Cabot Trail and continued down the east side of the Cape Breton Highlands. The views from this side were just as spectacular as the road was cut into the mountain side along the Atlantic coast. We stopped at Neil’s Harbour and had Clam Chowder for supper and then continued on toward Baddeck. We took several pictures of the views along Cabot trail, but they will never do it justice. We took several pictures of unique churches and there are many. We arrived back at the campground at about 9:00pm. We both agree, this is one of the most scenic drives that we have ever driven. It seemed to be a mixture of the Smoky Mountains, the Oregon coast and the Shenandoah mountains all rolled into one. Weather permitting we will probably return tomorrow and hike the Skyline trail in Cape Breton Highlands Park.

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