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The view from the lobby of International Hotel, Varadero

people enjoying the waves

When in Cuba ... one must have a Cuban cigar

the sand, the sea, a cigar, Cory is a happy guy

The hotel next to ours. Cory calls this Ikea Hotel

sunset over Varadero

another sunset shot

another picture of the blue water, and another Cuban statue

the view from our ocean front room - see all the empty...

Another day, another bus station, and another road trip. I must admit to getting fairly used to these. I am safely tucked away in my backpack so I am toasty warm. Elaine is getting wise and now wears long pants and her fleece on the bus.

Once we arrived in Varadero we headed to Cubatour to find out about hotels. The girl was very friendly and booked us into The Hotel International. We grabbed a taxi, and by 11:45 that morning we were checked into our ocean view room. From our balcony we could really see the ocean. Once again it was the clear turquoise blue waters that took our breath away. Looking at photos you would imagine that the colours had been photo shopped.

This all-inclusive did not cost that much more than the casas with the breakfast and dinner fees, and we saved on the cost of lunch and drinks.

Cory and Elaine were very aware that this was the off season as most of the hotels seemed empty. The beaches seemed endless and Cory and Elaine went for long walks in both directions.

The food at the hotel was not great but we had been spoiled by Alberto’s cooking. The best part was the sun and the sand. Varadero is certainly a huge tourist area and law prevents casa being an option in tourist areas. We were however offered one when we got off the bus. One of the great things about Varadero is they have a huge shopping area, and guess what they have at the shopping malls yes, stores that sell bikinis. Not only stores that sell bikinis but big bikinis that fit Elaine. Elaine was so excited that she had to chose which one she wanted as a number fit. It was a difficult decision so she purchased two. Both suits were designer Italian models. Cory is very supportive of Elaine but didn’t want to be left out. He had noticed that the Europeans were not as modest or conservative as he was. Men his age and older and of far greater girth wore Speedos! Yes the kind that 18 year old Olympic athletes wear. He came to the logical conclusion that if Elaine could get a new suit or two he should be entitled to a new suit as well.

The time in Varadero went by quickly and was relaxing. After three days we caught an afternoon bus to Havana. We hoped that Juan and Dania would have a room for us and we were in luck. We got to be the first guests in the new suite, the one with the black Italian marble tile bathroom. We had an early night as our cab was due to pick us up at 4:00 am, to take us to the airport for our flight back to Guatemala.

Everything was packed so all we needed was to get up, get dressed and head downstairs. Cory and Elaine allowed 30 minutes for this. The cab showed up at 3:45.

This was a day of three flights, first to Panama, then Nicarauga, and finally Guatemala.

We caught a cab to take us to Antigua as it was an area we knew fairly well and would have the opportunity to make phone calls and get the journal updated, and get our bus booked for Honduras.

Well everybody we want you to know that we miss you. Thanks to my brother Steve for being home. Where is everybody? Are you all having a party because you miss us?

It is currently 6:00 p.m. BC time, and we are going to have one more chance to try and reach you for Guatemala, if not you will just have to wait for a call from Honduras.

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