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Our family gathers for a graduation celebration!

Noelle and her pregnant Auntie Terri!

In about 11 years the Bean will be joining the 8th grade...

Cousins, Noelle & Daniel!

Whew..Almost over, I made it!

The geese family visit from nearby Schollenberger Park!

Sunday outing to the Forestville Festival!

From Brannan Island we returned to Petaluma for a brief stay before going to Half Moon Bay to celebrate Terri's 40th birthday (youlookmarvelous, darling!) and Daniel's 8th grade graduation. And speaking of the beautiful 40 year old who is also pregnant......It's a girl!!

In the last year Daniel has actually become a "real person". He speaks in complete sentences, he is polite and mannerly and can carry on a semi-adult conversation. He has grown about 12 inches and his voice is changing! And he is seriously smart and quite handsome! He graduated 8th grade with honors having made the Honor Roll for 3 quarters and outstanding achievement recognition. No, he will not be embarrassed as he wouldn't even consider reading this journal much less be my friend on Facebook! He is way too cool for that!

Noelle, the younger grandkid by 6 months, is also a straight A student and received academic achievement awards for 7th grade math and science. Just wait till next year at this time when she graduates spurred on by that intense competition between cousins. This sort of makes me wonder what happened to Norm and Terri who managed decent grades and excelled in sports but I don't remember "honors". Oh, that's right, brilliance tends to skip a generation!!

In 11 years Christina will hold this spot of honor. Even her parents will be "old" by then just trying to keep up with her. We had the pleasure of picking her up from day care school the other day and she was amazing. She personally conducted a tour just for us of the very impressive facilities right down to every toy box, book, play station, even to show off the bathroom that was scaled down to her size.

In 15 years Baby Bogart-Bello will be heading into Half Moon Bay High School following the footsteps of both parents, uncles, aunts, many cousins and older brother. Terri is considering the name "Lily" for Lillian which I think is perfect. Clint, on the other hand comes from a big Portugese family and has more exotic names in mind, like "Angelica". His mom, Emily, is unpacking all the baby girl finery and lace she brought from the Azores. This will be her first granddaughter who will no doubt grow up to be Chamarita Queen at the annual Portugese Festival of the Holy Spirit!

So we have 8th grade, high school and college graduations to look forward to - How old will we be... 80's, 90's! Not a pretty thought but why not - we'll be there!!

Here "at home is where we park it" at the Elk's, the RV parking is full and we have voluntarily moved into the "overflow" area. We don't need hookups and save $10 per night. I! But we are meeting lots of new (seriously) good friends, most of them Escapees Club Members - figures. There have been a few gatherings for happy hours where, as Chuck pointed out, we gypsies can and do tell our life stories within 20 minutes; probably because we never know when or if we'll see each other any time soon, or ever. Lots of information is shared and we especially relished the tips on free overnight parking facilities provided by SKPs usually on members' own property or acreage. Quite a few are located along our summer travel itinerary in the northwest!

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