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I think you are supposed to put it on your feet, yeah,...

on the ferry

Morning breakfast

Chillin with Rikke's dad

Guy that ripped off Rikke's dad

Process of making sugar cain water.

Sometimes Rikke's dad is such and ass. JK. Was supposed to be...

Rikke on the beach

Soren and a house

Random child

Caught it with his bare hands.

Rikke catches an amazing sea creature

Women pulling in sea weed at low tide

local teacher with his child


Spent one week in Zanzibar. Three nights in Stone Town and four nights at a beach called Kendwa. Kendwa is discribed as a back packers sort of place in the guidebooks. The books have failed to get updated. Rikke's dad was kept up all night by the resort next to our accomodation. It's packed full of greasy italian tourist who were singing kareoke till like 4 in the morning.

Beach was great though. The last day we were there, I packed up my backpack and day pack and set off with both of them to the next beach. It was between high and low tide. I got stuck in an area in which the waves were pounding the shore. I had to hold on to dear life until the tide went down. Not scary but I missed the boat I was supposed to catch to go snorkling, and all our shit got wet, including our new phone, which is actually the oldest phone I've ever owned.

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