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Start of Bob's sourdough bread

Home at last -

Drove into Maquoketa when we got back so Bob could get his golf membership, and he went golfing on Tuesday. It’s been raining ever since that!!! Thursday we had to get all new tires on the van, since they were all flat when we got home. Paid for our income tax prep, and went to Walmart – another one of those days that make you sick to your stomach when recording it in the check book, and makes you realize why you had to come back to go to work!

Bob has started some sourdough bread, so we’ll probably be eating that all summer. Lin and my great grandsons (Kasey and Logan) came to visit on Wednesday afternoon and we had a good time.

I’m picking up my 3 rolls of film at Walmart on Friday afternoon, so will put some final pictures on here this weekend. Hopefully the ones I took at the Grand Canyon will turn out good.

Final figures for our trip: We drove 4167 miles (2214 to our final destination at The Slabs, and 1953 miles home). Drove 83 hours, averaging 50.25 miles per hour. Used 609 gallons of gas, and we averaged 6.8 mpg. Gas ranged from $2.84 to $3.60/gallon, averaging $3.15/gallon. We put 74.6 hours on the generator. We averaged $7.39 a night camping ($10.04 if you include the LP we purchased to run the refrigerator/stove and heat). We spent 72 of our 145 nights in the desert, running totally on solar power, which was awesome. If not for staying on free land in the desert, it would have cost at least $15-16/night average, doubling our cost for camping. We never had rain during the entire time we were gone, but the 2nd day home it started raining...at least it’s not snow... I lost 28 lbs. and Bob lost over 40 lbs. while we were gone – hopefully we can keep it off. It was a great trip and we met a lot of really great people, but it’s good to be home.

Weebles is really enjoying being able to go out in the yard whenever he wants to, and being able to watch the squirrels, birds, rabbits and deer out the front window, so we're all happy...

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