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White House

Marine Memorial

Washington Monument

Changing of the guard

Tomb of the Unknowns

Arlington National Cemetery

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

WWII Memorial

Our Nation's Capital

Seems like we have traveled a long time to get here but we made it. This was one of our goals to see this nation's capital.

We will not really be posting a lot of different day's agenda's here; because we will be here for 2 ½ weeks and we have all decided to mostly go our own way while we are here. We all have different idea's about what is important to us to see, so we all felt that would be the best way to handle it. So, once in awhile we will post thoughts and mostly pictures of what we have experienced here.

Our first day here was definitely an adventure. We had a White House tour scheduled for 9 am! We had just arrived the afternoon before and no one had yet made the trip to downtown DC. So, off all 8 of us went at 7 am to find the Metro station. What a joke for all of us to buy tickets and figure out when to get off the train. We all made it and 7 of us went on the tour. Dick elected to stay and hold all the purses and such, as we were not allowed to bring anything on the tour except for some identification.

The tour is self guided and we got to see all of the first floor of the White House. This includes the ballroom and the state dining room. We all commented that it looks so much bigger on TV than in person. It really is a pretty small building. All in all we felt it was a privilege to be able to see some part of that place.

Since then, we have seen many things, The Natural History Museum, the Air and Space Museum (the one in Virginia), The National Archives, The Arlington Cemetery, The Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, The WWII Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial. Some of the others have seen the Postal Museum and the Spy Museum along with these things we have seen.

So, please enjoy the pictures and forgive us for not posting more thoughts. Feel free to leave messages to us, we do love those.

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