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The perfect sun rise before our adventure

Sperm whale breathing before his next deep dive for food

His fluke as he heads down for more food

Our special treat! A male orca - one of three we saw

Kaikoura is a beautiful little town surrounded by snow capped mountians. We had a whale tour booked for the day we arrived in Kaikoura but due to high winds and rough seas, it was cancelled. The next available tour was the next morning at 6:15 am! We figured the seas are usally calmer in the morning, so got up early and waited for the boat to leave. The shores off Kaikoura are really unique and enable the sperm whales to feed close to shore. There is basically an under-water shelf ( continental shelf) that changed the depth from around 80 meters to almost 1000m in a short distance. The sperm whale needs at least a depth of 200 meters to feed and the water is the perfect temperature for the males here. Our boat was very high tech and had a screen that entertained us with info as we searched for a whale. They come up every 40 to 60 minutes from feeding to breath, so we were hoping to catch them for those 5 minutes that they're up. We saw two sperm whales and on our way back to the wharf, saw three orca's and a huge pod of dusky dolphins too. The water was abit rougher than I would have liked, but was well worth the trip.

Next stop was up to Blenheim to do some wine tasting. Yummy!!

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