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Put this in yer pipe and smoke it Paul Rankin (famous irish...

Pretty good eh?

Lets get stuck in I'm starving

Do all Aussies come with this on their head?

Yep never fall asleep on a train

A drink Maureen will never forget

Ohh you vlery tall lady it will cost extra

This must be an Irish way of getting a lift back home

Brian after dinner

Hoi An

Hoi An 1

Hoi An 2

Traditional Vietnamese dress

These dresses flow with great elegance

Classic Vietnam photo

Typical Hoi An architecture

Some shops

Ohh this thing is heavy

Bloody tourists

A bit different from the Sunday market at Nutts Corner

Has anyone seen my hat - it's ones of those conical ones


Vietnamese dinner

Mavis I dropped my earing in there


Oh have a banana

Wake up and smell the flowers

Hi Folks...hope you are enjoying the Christmas season!

Here are some photos from beautiful Hoi An, Vietnam. (we are actually in Malaysia at the moment but slowly catching up with our photos!)

Highlights of Hoi An - for the girls: tailored clothes mecca! and for the boys: great desserts at a local cafe and the school girls! If your tummy could take it, the fish market was a must see! Brian and I enjoyed our second cooking class. Can you guess what we were cooking up in that banana leaf?

The Aussie photo was a bit of fun on the train...while Simon slept, the word "convict" was written on his forehead (much to his embarrassment when he woke up)! That set the scene, followed by Brian's chopstick! Now it is not safe to fall asleep anytime!

Maureen was a great lady we met from England. She had many adventures with us youngin's including her long comfortable screw and a lick, sip and suck! (cocktails, that is!) She also kept us laughing as one morning she proceeded to eat all the watermelon at the table thinking it was her plate. The boys waited of course until the end of her feast to let her know it was for the whole table. What a lady!

The Rickshaws were loads of fun and marginally safer than the motorcycles! This time, I gave the driver the night off - it's not as easy as it looks...especially with long legs like mine!

A definite highlight for the boys had to be the long white dresses the girls wore to school. Very elegant, pure and attractive. It kept them all drooling!!!

Great time had by all!

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