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I like it! Well atleast the sailing around the Witsunday Islands. The town it's self is a small beach town with one major strip about two blocks long with palm tree's and blue waters. Although right now the waters are filled with deadly jelly fish (stingers) which forces everyone to wear these lycra wetsuits when your in the water. So besides looking a bit odd they aren't too bad.

Just got back from spending 3 days and 2 nights sailing around the islands with the occasional snorkel, we were blessed with good weather with just the occasional rain but everybody got along in our group so it wasn't too bad. Actually by the last day I think we all agreed that it was pretty good! As a side note when we all meet the night before we were to go out it was 8 guys for a boat that holds 24 plus crew, I think everybody was feeling a bit surprised that there were no girls on board. By the next day though we picked up a french family of 3 and a English girl so we had some diversity in the group finally.

But the sailing was fantastic, it was nice to be cruising along with the sails when the weather allowed it. There were a few times when you really had to watch yourself because the pitch was so severe you could easily trip and send yourself flying over the side. But man it really makes me want to get a boat, again. We spent the first night moored off Whitsunday Island itself. It is supposed to be one of the best beach's in Australia. . . . it's cool. The next morning we went to the other side of the island and checked out some of the shallow waters and found ton's of rays and the occasional baby shark to chase after. They were like 2 ft so unless you are dumb enough to grab their tails they aren't going to bite. The second night we spent just off of a resort island and meet up with a few other boats so it was nice to mingle with others. It was also at this point that we realized just how good we had it on our boat. We had a 83' maxi racing boat and it was one of the biggest that we saw. Others were smaller with more people. We couldn't even imagine how it would of been if our boat was full. I think it would of been pretty cramped and uncomfortable.

So leaving here in a few to start the 8 hr drive to Cairns but while I was on th eboat I had a the realization (does anyone knew how to spell ephiney?) that I will have to come back in the next few months to see the rest of Oz. A year is not enough to see the world and a month is not enough to see Australia.

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