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The visitor center high above the Lower Pecos River bed

"The Maker of Peace" art sculpture

Dry bed along the cliffs that once housed the "Archaic People" about...

Rock ledge along the river that was once a habitat

Whitehead Museum in Del Rio

Lots of antiques and oddities

Amazing equipment of all kinds

One of the first RV's

This is almost unusual lamp made out of Armadillo!

Long forgotten church crumbling before our eyes

Follow the leader

Into the black....there is absolutely no light in this cavern

A few shots came out ok

This is a great cave, dead or not

Another flow, one of many






This is the last stop of what we are calling our Rio Grande Valley adventure. There are two state parks to explore, but we were not sure if we could or should stay at either one of them.

So we decided to stay at the Elks Lodge in Del Rio and do day trips. The Elks Lodge is not a destination spot. The lodge sits on a very large piece of flat land that is the size of about 3 or 4 school baseball fields without the grass. There are are 10 water and electric posts. At $10 a day, it fit the bill. We were not planning on spending much time in the coach. The folks here were very nice and invited us to a rally that was being held on the weekend.

The first thing we did once we got parked was to wash the coach and the car. The last two moves were in the rain. This part of the Rio Grande has a lot of mining and gravel pits. This leaves the roads with a sticky, sandy mud that is thick and so dirty. The car is grey and you could not tell what color it was or where the windshield was located. What a mess! You gotta understand that JC would rather pay to have the rig washed, but this was so bad we had to do it ourselves. LOL. A couple of days later we were at the emergency room because JC had overextended his right shoulder. It hurt him something awful. They gave him a pain killing shot. It was like a miracle JC said. He was back to himself within a few days.

The first day trip was to see Seminole Canyon State Park a little northwest of Del Rio. The interest here are the indian dwellings along a now dry river and the pictographs. The campground was very busy. A place to revisit someday. Just a note, all hiking in this park must be accompanied by park personnel. Check ahead for schedules.

While exploring Del Rio, we found the Whitehead Museum right in town. The museum has 9 buildings with all sorts of artifacts of the old west. Well worth a visit.

The second state park is Kickapoo Caverns State park located southeast of Del Rio. Although these caverns are no longer living, it was one of the most interesting cavern tours we have done. There was a guy in the lobby that told his wife he did not want to see the caverns because they were dead. BIG mistake fella! This cavern is not all adorned with fancy lights that go on and off as you walk along a smooth path through the cavern. Each visitor must have 2 light sources and wear a helmet 'cause it is DARK! The hike through the cavern is a bit strenuous because you are literally crawling over rocks. Quite the experience. If you have any breathing problems though, think twice about going. There is dust debris floating in the air. The further we got into the cave, the heavier it became. I have a mild dust allergy and had to stop going deeper, much to my disappointment. I would do it again, but with my allergy med. Just a note, tours are given on Saturday only except during spring break. A reservation is needed.

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