Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Very interesting architecture in the SW

The mountains are awsome

Not much going on as we wait for Tuesday. I did not have any stone pain yesterday which was good but did not feel well overall. Hung around camp, napped and read, watched a bit of TV. We did go out and get me a haircut. It is part of my weight reduction plan. Clipping my nails next. Honestly, haven't had a great appetite of late and can't drink beer with my meds so I have lost 5 pounds. Shirley is doing great on the other side of things. Must be very boring for her just sitting around. I know it is for me. We needed to spend winter somewhere. Just a brief respite from the pain is good enough for moi. Looking greatly forward to moving ahead with our trip once this is over. Enjoy the pics.

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