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Quinta Mazatlan

Beautiful old adobe

One lucky girl getting photographed for her QuinceaƱera or debutant

This old adobe is another part of the birding centers located in...

Many nice little trails throughout the grounds

Turks Cap, a favorite of butterflies

One of many birding havens in Bentsen State Park Mission, TX

Another shot of Turks Cap

Artsy, fartsy dead tree

Nice overlook


Green Jays were everywhere!

And, Red Winged Blackbirds

A beautiful Altamira Oriole

I have not figured out what these guys are. They sure know...

Mr. Cardinal

Mrs. Cardinal

We chose the Bentsen Palm RV Resort in Mission for our week's visit. The resort had one of those "a couple of nights free deals" offer for their resort promotion and a tour of the area. It was a great tour with lots of history. We gave some thought to buying a lot for investment, but we knew we really would not be spending anytime here and we determined the money is better off where it is. For anyone interested in the part of the country for snow birding this is a great park.

The week was very busy with rig repairs, washing and waxing, a trip back to Progresso, MX, Bentsen State Park and the National Butterfly center. We met up with couple we befriended in October at the ABQ Balloon Festival. Jay and Betty. They have a winter place nearby in Mission. Jay and JC played golf. Betty took me to Quinta Mazatlan, a nature and birding center located in nearby McAllen. What an amazing place located nearly downtown McAllen.

We also attended a wonderful charity dinner and music show. The charity is for orphaned children. An amazing group of people. Great music!

We borrowed bicycles from the resort, another resort perk, and bicycled to Bentsen State Park and the National Butterfly Center. Although not the right time of year for butterflies, the center was very interesting.

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