Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Our major activity was going to see the new Muppet movie. The close by theater only had one showing at 10:25 AM. No trouble finding a parking space. The movie brought back great memories of our kids when they were little. The Muppet Show was a fave in our house. A little Panda Express for lunch then back to wait for the call from the doctor. Honestly, I often wonder who the consumer is when it comes to the doctor. The ladies who answer the phone are overprotective of doctor's they labor for. Not sure how many ladies there are in the office but I have told my story to each of them just to maybe get the privilege to talk to their doctor god. Had such a conversation yesterday. We actually got into an elevated discussion when she was giving me the block. She put me on hold only to come back with her pleasant voice and attitude on finding out the story I was telling her about the doctor needing to call ME was true. Anyway I spoke with him and I am having kidney stone surgery Tuesday 1/3. So just what was all that February first availability stuff about? I am more than ready. Some of you reading have shared my pain with your own bouts with stones and others have offered prayers of comfort. Thank you all. No pics today but I would love to have had one of the doctor's office lady when she stormed around saying what a jerk she had on the phone demanding the doctor call him when she found out he was supposed to all along.

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