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River Bend RV Resort & Golf

We played golf twice! Really enjoyed this course.

Birding and Nature Center on South Padre Island

Little Blue Heron

Common Galinule

American Alligator trying to stay warm in the mud

Tri-colored Heron

Tri-colored Heron


Hi there big fella!


Some nice art work on the building at the wildlife center


Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park

This was the site of the first clash in the US-Mexican War

Many replicated remnants of the battle

We both needed some dental work and found a good one in...

This little town is all about dentistry and Winter Texans, but not...


This church is no longer in use. Too bad. Built in 1880.

Female Cardinal

Male Cardinal

Green Jay. He is a beauty.

Happy Valentines Day

We moved on to Brownsville and used it as a base as we visited South Padre Island, Progresso, Mexico and several wildlife and birding preserves, and a turtle hospital. It was a very busy couple of weeks. We stayed at the River Bend Golf & RV Resort. Nice resort, not too high brow.

In Brownsville, we visited the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Site and learned a lot about the US-Mexican war history. This battle was the first skirmish of the war.

We had a number of rainy, cold days, but managed to play golf twice. Woohoo. Still was better here than elsewhere in the country.

We found a Dr. Cabrera that had been recommended by a fellow RVer for our dental needs in Progresso. We visited Progresso eight times. I was able to stock up on a few medications. The dentist introduced me to a nice herbal tea for relaxation called Delay. It is three herbs: Valerian Root, Passion Flower and Orange or Lemon Blossom. If you are in a shopping area anywhere in Mexico, I really recommend it. I am working on finding an eqivalent in the US.

I use Groupon whenever I can, Especially for restaurants. I found a nice Italian Restaurant called Marcello's Italian Restaurant in Port Isabel. In fact, we liked it so well we went back a second time to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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