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Shops on Rodeo Drive






Remember this hotel from Pretty Woman?

Danny Glover


Ron Howard

Bruce Willis

Trust me it's Tom Hanks

Adam Sandler

Dean Martin

Jimmy Stewart

Cary Grant

A decoration on the entry

One of the out of work actors

The man

Back to Mann's Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. I managed to get some better shots in the daylight but the sun blocked out a lot because it was too bright. Still didn't see anyone put their hands in the prints but I put my feet (in shoes) in a lot of the spots. Some were quite surprising.

Then again to Rodeo Drive. Not much different in the day time but this time we didn't stop. We didn't see anyone famous but didn't really expect to. The driver did however say later in the day that a couple of weeks ago, the bus was right next to a convertible...with Drew Barrymore and Seth Green in it!!! Now that I would have taken a photo of.

Of course we also went down Sunset Strip but the only thing that took my attention is the price of a meal. A burger will set you back about $15 and a milk shake will cost you $8. It would have to be seriously good to justify those prices.

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