Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Gary pulling his rig out

Off they go

Wildcat Football Stadium

A peak inside

Baseball Stadium at U of A


Oh BOY! a bike ride

HIstoric neighborhood

Beautiful views

Great biking

Cancer survivor park

View from our new camper location

The lone campers

The weather has turned for the better and will stay for the week. No rain and temps in the mid to upper 60's. This gave us the chance to take our bikes out for the fist time in the month we have been in Tucson. Reid Park is just a couple of miles away (it is where the Zoo Lights were) but the park is huge. There is a multi-use path around the circumference. For those of you familiar with Huntington Beach CA it is very similar to mile square park. We rode around the park and then through an historic neighborhood. Tucson is great for biking because it is flat. We also took a tour through the University of Arizona campus and sports complex. This is a division 1 school with all the major sports and facilities to match. We tried to go see the Muppet Movie but it was in a Mall and there were no parking spaces. What were we thinking. So we went to dinner at Jason's Deli. I had the biggest pastrami sandwich I have ever seen. It would rival the same at the Stage Deli in NY I am sure. I am supposed to hear from the doctor today about my kidney stone treatment. He is to call me and I hope he does. We are the lone campers here now at TMM (Tucson Metropolitan Ministries). Despite the health issues we are still enjoying ourselves so very much. Enjoy the pics.

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