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Our Christmas Display

Aw come on give us a piece

Merry Christmas!!

Gary and Jeanne

Barb, Earl and Rufus

Desert walk

Desert walk

Desert walk

The crew minus Barb

Desert walk

Gary and me

We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas, hopefully with family and or friends. Before we get to our Christmas day events we need to go back to Christmas Eve day to catch up. Gary and Jeanne were leaving Saturday but in order for them to get their motor home out we had to move our camper. No big deal, we've done it hundreds of times. Almost immediately as we were getting things set (take off the hose and electric, etc.) Shirley cut her head open on a storage door that was not completely up. Off to the ER for treatment which included a stitch to her forehead. After 2 hours we were about to leave and I almost fell down with kidney stone pain. We had talked about my situation with those working on Shirley. They asked her to get off the bed she was on so I could get on. It was two fer Saturday at the University of Arizona Emergency Room! They gave me fluids and medication for the pain and it subsided. We got back to camp about 4 PM. Needless to say Gary and Jeanne did not leave. Instead they told us they would stay through Christmas to be with us injury prone people and leave Monday. My pain has greatly subsided with the intake of fluids. No beer drinking with the medicine I am on and I am not fond of forced drinking but so far it beats the alternative. We had a WONDERFUL Christmas. Started out with Christmas Eve service at St. Paul's UMC here in Tucson and Christmas Day services again at St. Paul's. Then Gary and Jeanne took us to Christmas dinner at their friends Barb and Earl's 5th wheel in an RV park in the desert. Great time was had by all. After dinner we took a beautiful walk in the desert on marked trails with all the various cacti and desert shrubs and the mountains in the distance. There is really something special about the desert. Shirley baked her famous pumpkin pie for dessert and we chatted until time to come back. As I write we have successfully moved our camper without incident. Gary and Jeanne will be leaving shortly and we will be on our own here at the TMM campus as we await hearing from the doctor tomorrow about next steps. Thank you all for the well wishes on what appears to be surgery to remove this stone. I am not at all worried and look forward to the relief. Didn't know what joys (there have been many) that awaited us here in Tucson AZ. Enjoy the pics.

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