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Beverly Hills is not accessible by the buses so we only got to skim it. Only vehicles that are less than 6000 pounds are allowed in. Once upon a time everyone was allowed in but the residents soon started to complain about the amount of tourist buses touring their neighbourhood looking at their houses, so they got it stopped. To get in you need to take a 'Star homes' tour. Something about that doesn't sit right with me. Checking out their houses is kind of creepy. VIP tours pushes it though.

Back again to Rodeo Drive. Not much different in the day time but this time we didn't stop. We didn't see anyone famous but didn't really expect to. The driver did however say later in the day that a couple of weeks ago, the bus was right next to a convertible...with Drew Barrymore and Seth Green in it!!! Now that I would have taken a photo of.

Of course we also went down Sunset Strip but the only thing that took my attention is the price of a meal. A burger will set you back about $15 and a milk shake will cost you $8. It would have to be seriously good to justify those prices.

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