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The old Baywatch jetty



One of the new colours



Today I took the Grand Tour. I'm going to break it into sections as we saw quite a bit and covered several areas. It was most of the day after all.

Let's start with the driver. This one had a lot more life to him compared to the one yesterday. He was full of knowledge and talked most of the time. I quite liked him but he lost me at the end. He took me to the wrong Travelodge after passing mine twice and that was apparently my fault. He bitched about it...then tried to chat me up when it was just me and him on the bus at the end! Wanted to know if we could maybe do something tomorrow night as I was a 'good looking lady'. Mate you got no chance once you've bitched at me.

Our first stop was Marina Del Rey. It is the largest man made small boat harbour in the world. It was also where Baywatch was filmed for the first several years before moving to Hawaii.

No big boats are allowed in and if people register their boat with the county, the can even have their mail delivered to the boat. Every slip has a post box. Considering some of these slips rent for $30,000 a month, how could you afford to live anywhere else? About 40% of boat owners do live there.

Fisherman's Village is in the same area. Most of the buildings were once painted a shade of yellow. It was for the Baywatch days. When Baywatch moved, a lot of the store owners sold up and left to. The new owners have changed the colours and it doesn't look too bad at. The usual smell of a harbour and the ATM's aren't available till 11.30am but other than that it's not too bad. It wouldn't hurt to miss it though.

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