Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The Rev trimming tile

The Duzer laying tile

Jeanne finishing the doors

My finished project sans the braces

My organization is inside

New baseball home of the University of Arizona

One time spring training facility for a number of teams

Tucson had a Triple A team for years

Third base dugout

The NOMADS (most of us) worked round the clock to finish a couple of large projects. Gary, Jeanne and Shirley pulled up tiles, leveled floors, cut and fit the tiles,and laid them in the dining hall. Jeanne finished the doors for the activity center. After working 1.5 hours organizing I went to the doctor again! My kidney stones have really acted up and not sure when we are leaving Tucson now. We don't want to be in rural America and have another attack. Not to be too graphic but I have a stone that will never pass and will need to be surgically removed. The team will do some final touch up today and we are done. The weather has been sunny but cool to cold with temps falling to the freezing mark overnight High today will struggle to his 50. It is warmer in NY then it is here! BUT even with all that is going on I would not trade our experience. We continue to have a wonderful time and have met so many great folks on this TMM activity. Enjoy the pics.

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