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Bridge out of Mansilla de las Mulas

The lengths I go to to get a good shot!


The lads in León

Roman walls in León

Day 18 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 902 m, minimum & starting elevation = 791 m. 10 - 22 degrees. Mostly sunny.

Another lovely morning. We headed out through the crumbling medieval walls of Mansilla de las Mulas.

A short day today walking into a large city so the path was often close to a busy road and for a very short section, through Villarmoros, on the roads shoulder.

A coffee in Puente Villarente at 7km and then a hard slog all the way to the Cathedral in the centre of Leon, 12km later. The only amusement: A guessing game of how far to the top of the climb. S2 took out first prize to win rights to the first shower and T, the furthest away, gets to cook pan con tomate for breakfast. I knew León was a good bet for a yellow VW and my determined scanning of side streets paid off.

Tired and hungry when we reached the cathedral, it was time for a beer - which, like in Granada, comes with free tapas.

M organised an apartment through airbnb for us for the night. So, checked in, cleaned up, did washing, bought groceries for tomorrow and then headed out to look around León. S2 being the gent that he is, gave me first shower even though he'd won the rights.

A look at some of the medieval and other famous architecture and a tour of the Cathedral was all we could manage on already tired feet.

Caught up with E for dinner who, having been a day behind us for a while, walked 36km and then bussed the last 8km into León. An amazing effort. E again gave us the benefit of his Spanish and local knowledge and we dined on local tapas including snails, frogs legs, cow stomach and albóndigas (meatballs). 60€ ($100) for 5 people including 2 rounds of beers/wine and coffees. Too cheap!!

Today's distance = 20 km

Total distance = 479 km

Yellow VW count Troy - 1, Sue - 2

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