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Carpe Diem at the Mansfield Wal*Mart

Heading west on I 80 in New Jersey

Sign indicates maximum vehicle width
Carpe Diem is 102" wide, most NJ roads...

Approaching the Delaware Water Gap

It costs $7.50 to get Carpes out of New Jersey

Welcome to Pennsylvania

West of Stroudsburg we took I 380 north

We picked up US 6 in Scranton

US 6 in Scranton

West of Scranton US 6 improves

Lunch at Wyalusing truck stop

US 6 passes thru many small town
This is downtown Towanda

Fri, 17 Jun: Heading west...

After ten days visiting Sandi's family in northwest New Jersey we're back on the road. We absolutely love visiting family, but do wish they lived somewhere, say, less intense. The pace of New Jersey (well, to be honest, the entire northeast) is a bit too much for us.

We had a "last supper' with Sandi's siblings and returned to the coach about half past eight. We kicked back for a bit and took some long, hot showers enjoying full hookups for a while. We expect that we'll be boondocking for most of the next week.

We were up a bit after six this morning thanks to two totally incosiderate RVers in a Berkshire Class A towing two motorcycles who insisted on idling their engine for way longer than necessary. What goes thru these people's minds—assuming anything goes thru their minds...

After getting ready for the road, connecting Dinkum and going thru our checklists, Bob rolled wheels a few minutes after nine. It was slow going due to the many, many trees and narrow twisty road. We finally got in US 46 which took us thru Netcong to I 80 west. Once on the interstate we drove west 27 miles to the Delaware Water Gap, paid the usurious ($7.50) bridge toll, and we entered Pennsylvania.

West of Stroudsburg we left I 80 for I 380 north to Scranton, where we picked up US 6 west. US 6 is a federal highway that runs along northern Pennsylvania. We've never taken this route so thought we'd give it a try.

It was nothing but city streets thru Scranton, but soon became a nice two lane road that mostly parallels the Susquehana River. It is twisty and hilly, but really beautiful. It goes thru many small towns, most of which have lovely downtowns and neighborhoods (see pix).

We broke for lunch at a truck stop outside Wyalusing and continued to Mansfield. We arrived a tad after 1400 and put up for the nite at the local Wal*Mart. Today's drive was 179 miles with an overall fuel consumption of 7¼ mpg. Lotsa hills do not equal good fuel economy.

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