Around 0600 Ross woke in Wawa and didn’t feel like walking so he made the coffee and by 0800 they were ready to leave Wawa, Ontario and head for Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is 280 miles from Wawa to Thunder Bay and they had originally planned on driving to Nipigon, Ontario where they stated for a couple days several years ago. However as they entered Nipigon they discovered that the campground they used in the past was either closed or not yet open for the season. Bottom line they had little choice but continue another 80 miles to Thunder Bay and hope there was space available at the Thunder Bay KOA. They were in luck and there was plenty of space at the KOA as well as full hook-ups with 50 amp electrical service.

About half-way between Wawa and Thunder Bay Ross pulled over into a small rest area to relive himself and to reboot the GPS Navigation System he was using because it was acting up. As Ross walked to the bathroom in the motorhome noticed that the shades next to the dining table had detached from the ceiling on the front end. After taking care of his needs Ross took a look at the shades and discovered that Tiffin did it again, he used a three-quarter inch wood screw when a minimum of one inch screw was needed. Fortunately they had a small bottle of spare screws. There were enough screws to replace all the screws on the two ends of the shade frame and after about a-half-hour, between the two of them, they were able to re-hang the shade fixture and they were on their way again.

The weather today was overcast with a threat of rain which became no longer a threat shortly afterwards. The rain was a mixture of heavy rain to very light showers. Along with the rain there was some fog that never really got heavy but was thick enough to make them slow down for short distances.

About 18 miles from Thunder Bay there is a new Flying J and while Ross hated to by diesel fuel in Canada he was afraid not to. The price was $1.449 per liter which translates to $5.48 per gallon. It was possible Ross had enough fuel left to reach the US but he has broken down enough times to make sure he is never short of fuel to operate the generator and the heating and hot water hydro-hot system if necessary.

Ross & Marge signed up for two nights with an option for a third because the motorhome is due for a routine lube and oil service and there are several companies in town that should be more than qualified to provide the service.

Traffic was light and the roads were in fair shape for most of the way and excellent for a portion of the day’s drive. The terrain was very rolling with some steep (7%) grades up and down along the way. The climbs were not a real problem except for the large truck along the way. The motorhome does well on the grades but most of the large trucks cannot maintain their speed which leaves Ross to either slow down or pass the trucks which cannot be safely done on all grades. That was made even worse by a couple car drivers that simply do not understand diesel powered vehicles and their speeds varied up and down for no apparent reason.

That is about all for today,

Ross & Marge

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