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Bootleg Canyon art, Boulder City

Radar Mountain, Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City

Dan, Kelli, John hike toward Pacific above Malibu

Edward Roderick headstone

Deloss Williams headstone

Christmas lights in Boulder City yard

Christmas lights at Cactus Garden

Spring Mountain Ranch west of Las Vegas

Sunset over the trailers and buildings

Blazing sunset close-up

I have just caught up the previous year onto this journal. The following text was written much earlier than the text which begins February 7th, 2013. Therefore, the beginning statement of the next paragraph may sound funny because it is the first post after switching from my Terri's Tidings blog to this My Trip Journal.

Hello All. We have been temporarily residing in Boulder City, (B.C.) NV since mid November. I’d like to give you an update on the things we’ve done since moving our trailer here to Canyon Trails RV Park.

This area is Mojave Desert (that means Joshua Trees along with other desert plant life), surrounded by jagged “mountains” of reds, blacks and various shades of brown. Boulder City, built in 1932 to house the construction workers for the Hoover Dam, is a charming little town.

Down the road and up the hill, behind our rv park is Bootleg Canyon where one can access the 30 mile Mountain Loop Hiking/Biking Trail (goes out to Lake Mead and over to Las Vegas), a series of downhill mountain-bike trails and two zip-line facilities. At the parking area for Bootleg Canyon is a nice rock garden made of colorful boulders, most standing on end, with plantings of various cactus and desert plants. We often walk this area, making a 2 to 3 mile hike out of it.

Up the “bikers hill” is also one of the FAA radar stations for cross country navigation, hence the local name for the hill, “Radar Mountain”, otherwise known as Red Mountain. From the hilltop you can look north and see Las Vegas, Henderson and Mt. Charleston (west of Vegas) and the Spring Mountains. To the south and east are the basin, Hwy 93 going south and Hwy 95 heading southeast.

While here, we have taken several trips away from town, leaving the trailer in place. For Thanksgiving we drove to Simi Valley, southern CA, to celebrate with Dad and Carol, sister Kelli and her family, John, Kaitlin and Garrett. Kelli and John took us to Charmlee Wilderness Park, above Malibu overlooking the Pacific, for a day hike. On another day Dan and I drove into downtown LA to the National (military) Cemetery next door to UCLA to look up the gravestones of Dan’s grandfather’s father, Edward Roderick, and his grandmother’s father, Deloss Williams, who both served together in the Civil War. Getting to Simi Valley from here can be a boring drive, but we enjoyed the backroad drive down Hwy 93 to Searchlight and then on the Joshua Tree National Wilderness Park route, through the tiny spot of Nipton, on over to Hwy 15.

We also made two drives to Roseville for quick dental appointments and family visits. Both times we drove the Nevada Hwy 95 to Hwy 80. Aaaah. Much less traffic - almost none - snow dusted mountains, old, old mining towns and wide open spaces Much better than going up the hectic middle of CA on Hwy 99, and only 10 miles longer.

A quick review of what we have found to do in this charming area would include the following: Red Rock Canyon (national park) and Spring Mountain Ranch (state park) at the base of Mt. Charleston, west of Vegas at the Spring Mountains; the Valley of Fire (state park) and Red Dunes (national wilderness area) along the Lake Mead Shoreline Drive; Hoover Dam (which has become a huge tourist, almost amusement park type area since we last visited in the ‘70s); One very Christmas-lights decorated house here in Boulder City; Ethel M Chocolate Factory (to see their extravaganza of Christmas lights in their Cactus Garden, and again later, during the day, to view the international plants of the Cactus Garden); the Atomic Energy Museum (think Area 51 nuclear testing) in downtown Vegas; and a visit to the town of Pahrump (the saying is “Over the hump to Pahrump” - the hump being Mt. Charleston and the Spring Mountains - as Pahrump is directly west of Vegas though you can’t see the one from the other) where we toured the local historical museum, checked out the Escapees park, and viewed the town. We plan to stay a short time at the Escapees park, Pair-a-dice” when we leave here.

I wish you could spend mornings with us in our recliners turned around backwards towards our big back living room window to see the wonderful sunrises. Many mornings they are quite colorful. And even when they are not colorful, just the warm brilliant ball of the sun makes the day start just right! I’ve taken numerous pictures. And just a few days ago, just as we sat down to dinner, we noticed out the east windows that the sky seemed exceptionally colorful. So we went outside to check out what turned out to be the most spectacular, blazing sunset we have ever seen. Numerous people were also outside, like us, with cameras in hand. It was an amazing few minutes! Too bad we weren’t up the hillside on Bootleg Canyon instead of in the rv park with trailers and buildings in the photos. Nevertheless, what a great sunset to remember.

Well, I think that about catches us up. Since purchasing our truck January 1, 2012, we have put on 20,324 miles cris-crossing numerous states. For staying put (at least the trailer did) in Boulder City, we have nevertheless covered 1845 miles in November, 2051 in December, and 1493 in January. I wonder what February will compute? We’ll see. We are learning to live one day at a time and keep our plans very flexible...since what we plan one week often gets drastically changed by the next. Until next time.....Terri

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