Weaver's South East Asia Trip travel blog

Loading blocks of ice onto a boat

Fishing vessels

Large homes with vegetable gardens

Cows tethered to the sides of rice paddies

A cemetery

Our rented bicycles. Only one gear!

Rice paddies not planted yet.

Big waves!

The sun finally came out!

Paul going for a swim in the South China Sea

The basket boats used for fishing.

People working in the rice paddies

The pool at our resort.

We woke up to a grey day:( It rained while we had breakfast so we spent the morning reading up on things. Just loving the iPad & WiFi since it makes travelling so much easier! So much information at your finger tips! We rented bikes for the day - $1.50 and rode along the river and back canals coming to a dead end. We were on a small island. We got to see the local's homes & gardens. Some of the homes were very big & beautiful with ceramic floors & elaborate detailing on the walls. We met school children who were on their way home for lunch. Eventually we found the main road to Cua Dai Beach. It was busier with cars and trucks. When we arrived at the beach, we had to park our bikes at a parking area. The white sand beach had 1 to 2 m waves crashing into shore. There were some surfers. Lots of palm trees. There were not a lot of people until the afternoon. When the sun came out, the beach was glorious. We walked the beach both ways. Paul went for a swim in the South China Sea. He said the water was wonderful and catching the waves was fun. We both got a bit too much sun! We came across the basket boats on the shore which are used for fishing. Later in the afternoon, members from our group slowly appeared and hung out. On our way home, we had a couple of beers, wontons & Vietnamese pancake After we showered we returned to the same small restaurant and had dinner. We played a game of pool when we got back to our resort. A scottish couple joined us in a game. Paul & I won. It was a great day!

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