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Jen on a bridge,over a pond on a floating island. What?!?

Even the ducks had homes on the floating islands.

We had a go, certainly the best 2 rowers of the tourists.

This stuff is good. It tastes like IrnBru but looks fantastic.

We left Uyuni on an overnight bus (again) heading for La Paz, followed by another day bus to Puno. Wasting no more time we booked a tour for the famous floating islands (for only 40 Sol!!). In a way, we were not too sure what to expect. What could you do with small floating islands? As it turns out, you can have an entire comunity there. With about 60 islands each housing 4-9 families. At first they weren´t to be believed, the water looked shallow and the islands thick. It wasnt until the "president" pointed out the island contorting with the waves (the island only being about 25m in diameter). With this they (this islands families) gave us a demonstration on how they were made. Completely out of the reeds, they use different parts for different jobs, roots for flotation and the stem for everything else. Literally, the only things not made out of reeds was the solar panel needed for the tele/radio and the pots for cooking. The family were very kind and welcoming, they showed us round their homes and told us of their customs. They also had an entire island dedicated to Banos and apparently a graveyard island. We finished on local songs (and my Bonnie Lies over the ocean) with a ride on their boat.

Afterwards we went on to another island, not floating and much larger. The island of Taquile was much to be expected, locals going about their business with tourists looking out to the lake. They also gave us lunch with a song and dance. It was a good/bad shock when they told us the wedding belts they made used the long hair of the bride, which she weaved into the belt herself. Quite a sacrafice of dedication to the husband, but he also had to make a hat to impress the ladies father but weaving it so tight it could hold water for a long periode of time, if it drained to fast, no wedding. For the lunch, Ric had fresh trout from the lake, whic has changed his (and possibly Jens) opinion on fish, certainly fresh water fish.

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